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Wedding Rentals

Taking Rental Items To The Next Level Jazzing Up Rentals - Examples And Ideas Why settle for plain Jane rental items when there are a million ways to take them over the top. Rentals are a great way to add WOW without spending a ton of extra money. For those who want to bump it up a notch adding flowers to candelabras or even spot lighting our crystal trees can take any rental to the next level! This year we have had the chance to do some amazing weddings with breath taking receptions. Check out some of our photos below! Ogle Entertainment is wonderful at pin spotting our crystal trees which really shows them off! Jim Ogle can change any room with his lighting techniques!  
Many times a floral arrangement that would be the size of a crystal tree or a table top candelabra would be in the $300 range but adding a crystal tree or candelabra to the mix would drop that cost. Still giving a room visual height without spending a ton of money. We always recommend to mix up centerpieces and hav…


Hey Brides!

Just a reminder that this Thursday, June 20th from 6-8pm POTTERY BARN in West Town Mall is having a Bridal Registry Event! There will be a lot of vendors there so swing by and see your favorite wedding vendors. 
Call to RSVP 865-694-7575

Special Promotions for the Evening: 10% off for the Bride and her guestsFree gift when you create a registryFree gift when you open a Pottery Barn Credit Card

Color Combo - Navy, Green and White

Favorite Color Combos: Navy Blue, Green & WhiteAlways Refreshing and BrightOne of the best color combinations (in our opinion) is the color combo of Kelly Green, White and Navy Blue. These colors play so well with each other that it could never go out of style. What a refreshing burst of color the green and white are against the dark navy blue! All of these colors could act as neutrals being that you could easily pair other colors with any or all of them and have a success!
Recently on the Pinterest scene there have been a lot of pins with navy, green and white... not just with wedding flowers but also with baby's rooms, clothing... you name it! It is a HOT color combo! We absolutely love it! It's just fresh and happy but still remains neutral all at the same time ... like Switzerland in the spring time! Check out some of our favorite pictures of these color combos!

Things That Are Amazing

Flowers Are Amazing Reflecting on Flowers and Their Beauty... Every flower that grows is individual and unique which is one of the reasons we love working with them so much. The old saying, "Stop and smell the roses." Really if you break that saying down and really stop to smell the roses (or other flowers) it can make the world a better place. Looking at the color variations of petals, or down the throat of an orchid can truly brighten your day. It's amazing to see how much detail went into creating each variety of flower. Just like people each one is unique and different! Each one deserves the chance to be admired simply for themselves. Enjoy some shots of flowers close up!