August 13, 2013


Boutonnieres, Too Much or Just Right?

Knoxville TN, Florist - Lisa Foster Floral Design

Boutonnieres Love Them Or Leave Them Out...

Boutonnieres are one of those wedding details that some love and others love to hate. If done right can add such wonderful detail to photos. Many times they are just an afterthought, a fast add-on that doesn't steal the show (like the bridal bouquet). However, there are times when the boutonnieres are just awesome! 
Did you know, that there are boutonniere does and do nots? For example... If you are not planning on having a jacket with a lapel than there is no need for a boutonniere! Yes, boutonnieres are meant for  lapels, otherwise they are not needed!

Also, if you plan to do a boutonniere than there is no need for a pocket square! If you have a pocket square there is no need for a boutonniere! 

Another great thing to keep in mind is that greenery goes on the back, not in front! Many times we see wedding pictures with the greenery on the front instead of the back!

What is your opinion? Boutonnieres, yay or nay? Check out some of Lisa Foster Floral Design's past boutonnieres and leave your comments below. 

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