August 6, 2013

Knoxville TN - Love Story

Knoxville TN Florist - Being There Every Step Of The Way

From The Start, Through The Wedding... Lisa Foster Floral Design Is There

Loyalty is a precious thing, wether it's between two best friends, spouses or between a customer and a business. Customer loyalty is hard to come by these days and when you find it, it is something to work hard to keep. This is a story about love, loyalty and happily ever after. 
2012 brought us one of the most precious customers you could ask for. Early on in the year Neil, was a man who had just gone on a first date with Beth. Rumor had it that it was love at first sight and that they had such a wonderful time talking and getting to know each other (just on the first date). This was the start of something exciting. After the first date Neil "googled" florist in Knoxville. Thankfully being the closest florist to Beth's place of employment led him to call our studio.  
"Lisa Foster Design"... said the floral designer.
Neil said, "Yes, I would like to order some flowers..." and from then on Lisa Foster Floral Design has been their florist. 
We have sent more "just because" flowers to Beth than any other LFFD customer. Thoughtful and smitten would be two great words to describe him. No matter if it's for Valentine's Day or just because he knows her favorite color is pink! Beth has snagged a good one!
June 2013, Beth and Neil were able to say, "I Do" and who was there for them when they needed wedding flowers? Lisa Foster Floral Design! We were able to be a part of the most special day of their lives together, which is only fitting since we were there in the beginning and all along the way. Here are some wedding photos which you can tell that the only thing between these two, is love. 
(L to R Neil, Beth and Kim at their final floral appointment) 

With Love, 

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