October 16, 2013

Purple Wedding Flowers

Purple Is The New Pink

One of the most popular wedding colors for YEARS is purple. No matter the season, purple is a great color. It can stand alone or complement other colors very nicely. Recently, we have had some really beautiful purple combinations. Knoxville TN brides have made purple as popular and some would dare say more popular than pink. It's a good thing that Lisa Foster's favorite color is purple! Purple wedding flowers are really beautiful and thankfully many flowers come in the color... and not just in one shade but a few variations of purple! Some of our favorites are purple stock, purple lisianthus, purple statice, purple larkspur and purple alstroemeria lilies.
Dark Purple Alstroemeria Lilies
Light Purple Alstroemeria Lilies
Dark Purple Larkspur
Dark Purple Lisianthus
Purple Statice

Dark Purple Stock 
See if you can find some of these flowers in the bouquets below! We have some really great picture examples of different color combos involving purple. Purple on purple, purple with green, purple with yellow! Check out some of the photos and let us know your favorite purple color combination.

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