November 19, 2013

Tips For Christmas Decorating!

5 Tips on Christmas Tree Decorating… From the Pros

Ever finished decorating your Christmas tree and felt that it was missing that certain… Je ne sais quoi?
Well, we the Lisa Foster Floral Design crew have a few tips for you, the Christmas decorating enthusiast! So grab your sparkle sticks and ting-ting and listen up! These tips can take your tree from zero to hero and everyone will think you hired help.

1. The Tree Topper 

The tree topper is the cherry on top of your Christmas tree sundae! It is extremely important AND can make ALL of the difference between a homemade hodgepodge and professional perfection!
Wether you decide to do a bow or sticks and swirls… it's all about making it look "finished".
Our tip for you is to make it look symmetrical and proportionate to the size/shape of your tree!
If you don't know how to make a BIG… in LFFD terms "Roundy Moundy" tree topper bow, you are in luck… just come by and we will make one for you!
Make sure you buy a nice ribbon that is sturdy and will stand up.
Also, when you pack your Christmas decor away, DO NOT put your topper bow in a box! The absolute best thing to do is to put it on a hanger and find a safe place to hang it up. This will guarantee it lasting for years to come.

1. Filler for the Tree

Sometimes you just don't have enough ornaments to make your tree look full…
So what do you do? Make ribbons or sticks or silk poinsettias your filler! You don't have to have $1,000,000 worth of ornaments. Use what you have or find something inexpensive to put throughout your tree. Another tip is to "sink" things into the middle of the tree to make it look full.
Big ornaments, ribbons or other filler that is larger if it is sunk in the middle. This gives your tree depth and volume and makes it look nice and full!

3. Mantles 

If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace mantle you know that sometimes it's hard to figure out just want to do with it during Christmas. Remember to keep it symmetrical!
If you swag, then make sure you put bows on the tops of your swags and ends…
Also if your garland doesn't go all the way to the bottom make it look like you meant to have it that way and embellish the ends with ornaments, twigs and anything else that works with your decor.
If your tree is next to your tree make sure you coordinate it with your mantle and vise-versa…
The first step to making it look like a pro has been in your house is the coordination of decoration! 


If you have Christmas nicknacks then bring them out!
Just remember to not go overboard and to keep them in coordination with your other Christmas decor. If your taste is woodsy chic, then get some deer or burlap balls to sit around.
If you have something sentimental then showcase it in glass jars or in a special place where everyone can see.

 5. Lighting of the Garland

It makes ALL the difference if there are lights in your garland or not.
Just close your eyes and imagine all the lights in your house are off, you have a hot cup of cocoa and the magical glow of hundreds of little lights illuminate your home!
If it's on the mantle or on your staircase make sure that it has light in it!

And if you really get stressed over decorating your tree…
just call Lisa Foster Floral Design and we will come over and take care of everything!

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